Local Orgs

The ultimate goal of Building Bridges to the Future Foundation (BBF) is to assist in the creation of independent, locally registered service agencies. We assist in the recruitment and training of local staff who manage the organizations' respective programs, and provide on-going assistance as necessary. We work closely with our local partner organizations in order to insure best practices in the areas of fiscal management, grants/contracts administration, and local/international government and inter-agency cooperation.

Yayasan Jembatan Masa Depan logo

Many communities in Aceh, Indonesia were devastated by the 2004 Asian Tsunami and many more were torn apart by 30 years of civil conflict, which ended in 2005. Yayasan Jembatan Masa Depan (JMD), established in 2006, is an independent Indonesian-registered non-governmental organization based in Aceh province. Working in the remotest areas of Aceh, which were also those hardest hit by the tsunami and internal conflict, JMD creates programs that improve the livelihoods and education of the province's most vulnerable citizens, giving their families and their communities new skills and new opportunities. Visit JMD's site!

Building Professional Social Work in Developing Countries logo

Many developing nations—where communities and families are coping with war, frequent natural disasters, and decades of political and economic uncertainty—lack the systems to provide face-to-face assistance from local professional social workers.

Building Professional Social Work in Developing Countries works to facilitate the development of social work practice in local communities consistent with the respective definitions and needs of those communities. BPSW helps social workers in developing countries to apply relevant theories to local conditions. BPSW also supports local professional social work and social work education organizations. Visit BPSW's site!

Social Work Practice Resource Center logo

Launched in Jakarta, Indonesia in June 2008 and sponsored by BPSW, the mission of the Social Work Practice Resource Center is to integrate the knowledge, skills and values of current social work theory into the social services systems present in Indonesian communities. These services include child protection, elder care, AIDS prevention, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, and domestic violence services.

In partnership with the Indonesian government, universities, and local and international NGOs, the Center provided training for community workers and staff of these service delivery systems. In 2010, the Center was able to further its mission by merging its resources with an Indonesian association of professional social workers.

BPSW, which funded the Center and trained local professionals, applauds the successes of social work professionals in Indonesia as their field continues to grow and their communities receive increasingly comprehensive services.

A Few Months of Learning, a Lifetime of Earning
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